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My daughter is 14 years old. Now in the period of active hormonal changes stretch marks appear. Are there ways to somehow deal with the ones that have already appeared or minimize them and what should be done to prevent new ones from appearing?
First of all - a nourishing body cream, it would be good to apply it twice a day, at least in those areas where there are stretch marks. It provides prevention. The cream can be very simple, as long as it is dense. Well, wait for the hormonal activity to stabilize. Streamers at this age are reactions to her immature skin to hormonal stimulation. Objectively speaking, it is almost impossible to remove existing stretch marks from a teenager. But to injure the skin once again is not necessary. Because the stretch marks themselves noticeably flatten themselves a few years after the stabilization of the hormonal levels. But if the age of 18 they will, then we can have n to start using STRONGFIRM , of L-CARNITINE and NATURAL REDUCING for tissue repair.
Eighteen pet, suffer from acne. Prescribed hormones "Diane 35", but I'm afraid of side effects.  Bioderma_ Care  was prescribed by a doctor, I follow all hygiene recommendations, nutrition is correct. Has passed all tests, everything is normal. Nothing helps! What do you advise?
I would advise you to listen to the doctor. At your age, the vast majority of acne cases are associated with high sensitivity of the skin to androgens. And antiandrogen contraceptives can solve this problem. But in any case, it is not forever. When you get a therapeutic effect, the skin will recover. And you can get away from hormone therapy under the guise of adequate cosmetic care and in addition prebiotics are prescribed. And after 3-4 months you can already try to cancel the hormonal cosmetic preparation, while remaining on prebiotics. For treatment and consolidation, I recommend ACNE PRO in combination with FACECARE
How can you remove the redness from the nose and cheeks?
The redness of the face is usually associated with an active reaction of the autonomic nervous system, which manifests itself in this way, especially against the background of the possible imperfection of the vascular wall of the capillaries of the face. Assign in this case soothing and vasoconstrictor serums or concentrates based on licorice, artichoke, sweet clover and Asian centella - NATURAL REDUCING ( Asian Centella + Artichoke extract + Rutin) , MELILOTO + RUTINE ( Meliloto Extract + Rutin) It is not recommended to use acids and retinoids without serious indications, avoid overheating (sauna, bath, warming creams and masks) and limit drinks and food that cause redness (hot tea, coffee, strong alcohol, red wine, spices, etc.).
What would you advise as a fight with ingrown hair (legs, bikini)? I have done only once laser hair removal, scrub every other day, I moisturize every day. No effect yet.
Just keep doing what you already do. A good result gives the constant use of moisturizers and emulsions with urea would be good to 5-10%. But urea retains moisture 6 times weaker than sodium hyaluronate. Therefore, the recommendation is to treat FACECARE ( hyaluronic acid, DMAE, Argireline , Leufazil ,vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, cobalt, magnesium and lithium) or ACNE PRO ( dexapanthenol , hyaluronic acid, silicon, rutin, X-DNA, sulfur, zinc, cobalt, arginine, cysteine, l cysteine, lysine, methionine)    
How do you feel about vegetarianism, in particular, in relation to the skin? Is it possible to replace animal protein for skin? It is clear that it is possible when a girl of 20 years doesn’t have to equal her - they say, she looks good. But after 30? What does the skin look like next?
A vegetarian and vegan diet is a good question. I, at the consultations, to be honest, vegetarians always recognize those who have not really eaten meat and fish for several years. In youth, this is hardly noticeable, but after 30-35 years, the skin needs more protein, and some amino acids cannot be obtained from plant foods in the right quantity. In my experience, the skin looks thinner, more often hypersensitive, develops roperitus and chronic inflammation. The problem of constant dryness and decrease in skin tone, early appearance of fine wrinkles is quite typical.  I do not think that I have the right to argue in this situation and persuade people to change their views. But I usually recommend adding sports nutrition (amino acid mixtures) if a person is ready to take it or dietary supplements . In addition, HYALURONIC ACID 1% or FACE SHINE ( Hyaluronic Acid 1%, Collagen 2%, Argillerin ,  Leufazil , Vit.  C, Si , Mannitol , Glycerin )  
I am 21 years old, my skin is generally good, but last year regularly on the chin appear subcutaneous acne, which themselves do not go away, I try not to touch them myself, but to trust this to the beautician. But they still do not pass. With what it can be connected?
These may be small cysts of the sebaceous glands, which cannot themselves be emptied due to the low tonus of the gland. Of course, it would be good not to touch them yourself. Good results in the treatment of such changes are given by microcurrent therapy, galvanic currents (cosmetologists call the procedure “electroplating”). Along with those, mesoprocessing with ACNE PRO ( dexapanthenol, hyaluronic acid, silicon, rutin, X-DNA, sulfur, zinc, cobalt, arginine, cysteine, L - cysteine, lysine, methionine ) or FACE CARE ( hyaluronic acid, DMAE, Argireline , Leufazil , Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Cobalt, Magnesium and Lithium Salts )    
How to properly care for the skin, if some rashes occur strictly on critical days of the cycle. Is it necessary to smear with bactericidal agents in advance or only at the time of X?
In this case I prebiotics are prescribed externally, with a very good result. Concentrate ACNE PRO ( dexapanthenol, hyaluronic acid, silicon, rutin, X-DNA, sulfur, zinc, cobalt, arginine, cysteine, l cysteine, lysine, methionine) or FACE SHINE ( Hyaluronic acid 1%, Collagen 2%, Argillerin ,  Leufazil Vit.  C, Si , mannitol , glycerin ) - 5 weeks 2 times a day, then 5 weeks 1 time a day, on cleansed skin. And Ice Mask - once a week. Usually, then the result is stored for a long time, you can use the concentrate for several more months a few days a month, for safety purposes. The main thing is not to use acids, retinoids and antibiotics at the same time as prebiotics! The idea of prebiotics is to restore a healthy microflora, and all of the above, destroys any skin flora, both healthy and pathological.
Due to improper acne treatment, enlarged pores have appeared. Now I am 24 years old. How can you deal with this problem?
If these are enlarged pores, not scars, then the usual tactic is the selection of individual home care for the purpose of high-quality cleansing of the pores. Mandatory daily peeling at home or in the cabin (it is best to use enzyme peels in this situation). After peeling, kaolin masks with a contractive effect are good; masks with amino acids, peptides, EGF, etc. give good results. After that you can think about the active course: either chemical peels, or the use of creams with low concentrations of retinol derivatives, or a hardware effect - a radio wave lifting or a fraxylated laser. A good scheme for young skin with wide pores is a course of gas-liquid peeling and then, finally, a laser effect. Just remember that all this increases the risk of hyperpigmentation, so wait until the fall and avoid the sun for another 2-3 months after the course.
I am 24 years old; I use Tretinoin0.05% to control acne. The skin carries great, the only remedy that does not cause my addiction to meand that it acts stably and predictably. In winter, she did 2 procedures of a fractional laser to level the scars. The effect is there, but a slight redness remains and traces from the laser itself are slightly visible. What procedures / remedies can help with these side effects? In the morning also I use vitamin C serum and round of dichno sunscreen. 
You just need to wait a bit, the full recovery of the skin after laser therapy sometimes takes up to a year.  I would advise while to use cosmetics for sensitive skin, maybe this will contribute to the restoration.  Ingredients - the same Asian Centella, silver mallow, skinasensil , aloe vera, Hamamellis , etc. Preparations that accelerate the recovery of the skin: DMAE (2 dimethylaminoethanol 4 acetoaminobenzoate 3%) ALESTEM REGROWSET ( native lyophilisate , p-containing basal factors IFN ( immune growth factor), TGF (transforming growth factor), FGF (epidermal growth factor), NGF (nerve growth factor), AGF ( angiogenesis factor ), FGF ( fibroplast growth factor ) and enzymes - 55 minute set by a enzyme)  
Which drainage fees (recommended for group 25-35) would you recommend?
In principle, the simplest drinks can be used for this purpose: green tea (if you respond well to it) - many types of green tea have a pronounced draining effect, infusion of fucus (a peculiar taste, but many love), infusion of licorice flowers, infusion of horsetail. Hibiscus tea enhances fluid excretion infusion of seeds of parsley, dill. Celery, including when you eat the stems in a salad, for example. In ADDITION, mesotherapy treatments for skin using draining preparations are SUITABLE : AMPELOSLIM, ARTICHOKE EXTRACT , CELLU PRO, MELILOTO + RUTINE , NATURAL REDUCING
Tell us more about the features of skin care in 25 years at home and beauty salon procedures that are recommended at this age for normal and (or) combination skin. From what age you can do “beauty shots”, and in which it is better to do with other procedures and how to understand whether they should be done at all if your cosmetologist actively advises them?
In 25 years, "beauty shots" are not needed, really. There is everything inside the skin if the person is healthy. Here skin care procedures can be useful - first of all, high-quality cleansing (I do not mean mechanical cleansing) - deep saponification of impurities, high-quality exfoliation, etc. High-quality home care is the main thing, good and gentle cleansing, moisturizing and protection, including from the sun. At this age, it sometimes makes sense to do a short course of physiotherapy, the same microcurrents with L-CARNITINE. And it is not necessary to prick anything, very rarely it makes sense, and only for specific indications ACNE PRO , FACE CARE , FACE SHINE
I am 26 years old. After birth, I restore the body and body. Meals - with the predominance of protein foods, I keep the drinking regime (2 liters per day). Recently added to the diet vitamins - a complex of group B, magnesium, fish oil and spirulina. Is it right to use them all together? Is it more effective in the form of injections?
 Two liters per day is the total amount of water. In general, the standard recommendation is 30-35 ml per 1 kg of weight. Otherwise, water will flush out nutrients from the body. That is, if a woman weighs 60 kg, then she needs about 2 liters of water per day. In principle, if a person eats properly - eats fresh vegetables and fruits, etc., then at least 0.5 liters of water will be received from food.  To maintain skin hydration, it would be necessary to add about 0.5 liters to the standard load - and that’s what happens, 2 liters of liquid (water, herbal drinks, infusions, green tea, etc.). The vitamin best learned in a food composition. If it is possible to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, you need vitamins. But with a caloric content below 1800-2000 kcal per day, it is difficult to completely eliminate the need for vitamins and trace elements. The issue of taking vitamins is debatable, many doctors believe that if there are no real signs of deficiency, then there is no point in drinking vitamins for prevention. Spirulina is a source of amino acids, the same B vitamins and iron, so there is little point in taking an additional B complex. To improve the condition and maintain skin tone will be useful cocktails ALESTEM,ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA , FACELIFT SYSTEM 10, PDRN-PRO + HA CUBE 3
I have such a year with my first child, my appearance (and skin and face) has deteriorated significantly, now I am pregnant with the second and think about his first year of life, how can I not get older anymore? In addition to the above, are there any more chips for young mothers?
Superior athletic therapist for young mothers - it's a dream. Nothing can improve the condition of the body and skin and is more effective than normal sleep. But it is very important that the protein in the diet is enough, sometimes against the background of feeding and new pregnancy, there are simply not enough amino acids to maintain skin tone. Usually, women are recommended 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of weight in the diet, but pregnant and lactating women need more, up to 1.2 g of protein, preferably full-fledged meat, fish, dairy products. And it is necessary to monitor the level of hemoglobin and serum iron in the blood, postpartum anemia often go unnoticed, and this affects the condition of the skin. Certainly, the procedures with cocktails ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA , FACELIFT SYSTEM 10, REGROWSET WILL DO. Well, and the rest - congratulations, I wish you strength , health and family happiness !
I am 27 years old, diagnosed with rosacea, manifested in the form of redness and unevenness of the skin of the cheeks, there are small papules with contents. First, I used 20% benzyl benzoate and Skinoren for the night, alternating, and in the morning Rosamet cream. I took a course of intramuscular injections of calcium gluconate, I take choleretic cosmetic preparations ( Allohol now), now I take calcium inside, vitamin A and E. And now I also use Metrogil gel for the night and Rosemet in the morning. There are some improvements. Maybe there are some other methods of struggle or extra care? Is dietary in principle important for this disease, and does the consumption of sweets specifically affect it?
The course of rosacea is influenced by many factors, both internal and external. Necessary and Avoid all food and drinks, cause boiling redness. Sugar and sweets, by themselves, do not directly affect the state of the vessels. It is important to care for the skin with the gentlest means, to protect it from the sun, to avoid overheating. Prebiotics may help in achieving good his results and. For skin, I recommend holding several (from 5 to 15) sessions of procedures with ASCORBIC ACID 20% VIT C , REGROWSET, ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA
After the second pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen has lost its former elasticity, has become noticeably thinner, it has not returned to its former state, as for the first time. What procedures could improve her condition?
Skin may suffer during pregnancy. I recommend nourishing creams, intensive moisturizing and (or) hardware stimulation. However, suitable FACELIFT SYSTEM 20 , MELILOTO + RUTINE . I definitely recommend to include a course of biosilicon SILANOL 1% possibly in combination DMAE 
I belong to a group of 25-35 years old, but with “unexplained” inflammatory elements. The gynecologist recommends drinking contraceptives because of the nature of lifestyle (30 years old, no children). Is it safe to take group B vitamins or spirulina? In the spring there was a reduced level of hemoglobin, so I ask about preparations of vitamins B and spirulina. Or contraceptive plus vitamins? 
It is safe to take vitamins on your own, because it is difficult to overdose the B vitamins soluble in vitamins . But how effective is it ? I advise you to listen to the recommendations of the doctor antiandrogenic contraception. For anemia, vitamin B12 is prescribed in monoform. Reception with antiandrogens is possible. But control of hemoglobin level is necessary. In this case, anemia may be accompanied by chronic inflammation of the skin. Therefore, I recommend, in addition to the main treatment, to conduct several sessions of mezoprocedures with cosmetic preparations FACECARE , FACE SHINE ,ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA
My question concerns not the face, but the top of the hands. All skin since childhood in small pimples and boils with inflamed roots of hairs. Helps the sun. My son (7 years old) also started on the same hands. Have you encountered such a problem?
Apparently, it is "goose bumps" - follicular hyperkeratosis. Most often there is a view of the effects and vitamins: deficiency of A and E makes the skin loose, rough, inflamed , lack of vitamin C leads to peeling and irritation, loss of skin elasticity. Good results are given cosmetic preparations for daily care with lactic acid and urea ( Urea ). With continued use, after a couple of months, the skin becomes softer and gradually the manifestations of keratosis decrease and even disappear. P odoydet course with the cosmetic preparation s FACE SHINE , FACECARE , REVITAL PEPTIDE ,which make up the deficiency of vitamins and collagen, remove inflammation and stimulate skin regeneration and its recovery and hydration.
What do you recommend for rashes on the hands (forearms in small rashes, sometimes pimples)? The problem appeared in adolescence. In 20 years, almost passed, but after 28 years, even increased. There was a number of dermatologists. All shrug. I want to understand what is it? Internal state of the body or external skin disease?  
Often this is what follicular hyperkeratosis looks like. Lactic acid and urea (5-10% in cream) give a noticeable improvement. Also suitable course with cosmetic preparations FACE SHINE , FACECARE , REVITAL PEPTIDE , which compensate for the lack of vitamins and collagen, relieve inflammation, stimulate the smoothing of the skin and its restoration and hydration.
Tell me, please, what to do with age spots on the face from the sun? I am 29, combined skin, prone to dryness, light, thin and transparent. I never encountered such a problem until 2 years ago, after a trip to Vietnam, I did not find a spot in my nose! This season is worse, now also on the cheeks and under the eyes. Constantly use a cream with SPF 45 minimum, does not help! Why is it and how to deal with it?
In the summer it is important to protect your skin from the sun cosmetics oh sufficiently active antioxidant effect. It will be good if it contains Vitamin VZ, which helps to “control” the pigment cells. About the shadow, you can proceed to the correction. Perhaps the use of superficial x Chemical x peeling s. But it can injure the skin further. Therefore, I recommend using mesoprocessing cocktails with antioxidants and bleaching agents. Suitable courses with cosmetic preparations NATURAL REDUCING,  FACELIFT SYSTEM 10, REGROWSET in combination with a superficial peeling ASCORBIC ACID 20% VIT C
I have a tendency to stretch and scar skin. Now I am planning a pregnancy. Is it possible to somehow reduce the risk of stretch marks during pregnancy? My age is 29 years old.
At 29 years old, you can use a body scrub a couple of times a week for areas where the risk of stretch marks is high (chest, buttocks, abdomen and upper third of the front surface of the thighs) and dense nourishing cream. However, a policy recommended procedures with cosmetic preparations STRONGFIRM and AMPELOSLIM, included in the D -pantenol, vitamin B 1 and DMAE make out the skin, and rich in flavonoids extract ampelopsis Ampelopsis (Ampelópsis) and Mannitol promote skin regeneration and scar resorption
I am 29 years old. Nine months ago, gave birth (cesarean). Worried about the abdomen. The skin is still a bit flabby, there is a fat (6 kg). Now she started to do scrubbing and massage with a brush and hand-held with oils. When losing flabby leaves or spent a lot of time without leaving? May need to add salon procedures? Losing weight is not in a hurry – still breastfeeding.
You are doing everything right now. But you can add therapy with a masseur — Lyapko’s wizard, and masks from spirulina or other algae. Later you need to add sports for muscle and skin tone. But the restoration takes about one and a half to two years. P After the full completion of lactation can be used mesotherapy techniques – with Alon procedures to improve skin tone, but taking into account the restrictions on the ingredients. Suitable such cocktails , like ARTICHOKE THE EXTRACT , STRONGFIRM , MELILOTO + RUTINE necessarily combined with SILANOL 1% help so not only to restore skin elasticity and turgor, but also to remove excess amounts of the abdomen, formed during breastfeeding.
Tell me, please, dark circles under the eyes, like heredity, what can be corrected. The body is healthy, but Isuffer from childhood.
Suitable with products with vessel strengthening and bleaching components without acids. Topically bilberry and blackberry extract, niacinamide, caffeine, escin, horse chestnut extract. Regular care, good sun protection and concealers with a light whitening effect.  Light mesotherapy procedures use FACELIFT SYSTEM 10 , MELILOTO + RUTINE PREPARATIONS with the addition of CAFFEINE or PDRN-PRO + HA CUBE 3cocktail
I have a question about the nasolabial folds. Last year, dropped 10 kg. After 6 kg nasolabial folds began to be clearly outlined. It is necessary to lose another 5-7 kg. I'm afraid, the lower part of the face will float even more. I am 30 years old. What really can be done to continue to lose weight and save face?  
I advise you to start with the stimulation of the muscles of the face microcurrents ohmyostimulation . E If you're completely healthy, add protein diets and amino acid mixture and sufficient amount of water. Separately Recommended the course of vitamin and B3 at2-4 weeks.   Unfortunately, during weight loss, muscle volume also decreases. The muscles of the face of the middle third, responsible for the volume, weaken, and the zygomatic region subsides. Lower third of the face is moved down, forming an anatomical hall.  Courses can help treatments with cosmetic preparations LIPOBURN, CAFFEINE, to help remove excess volumes, drain excess moisture and tighten tissues, and support care with  FACE SHINE, FACECARE or REVITAL PEPTIDE.  
I join the question about retinol and age spots. It is believed that the best way to get rid of acne, wrinkles, dry skin and age spots (I have all this, age 31) is pure retinol, starting at a dosage of 0.025% and gradually increasing to 1%.
Yes, such a scheme gives good results. But retinol is not the best for young skin. Therefore, I recommend treatments with cocktails ACNE THE PRO , FACELIFT THE SYSTEM 10 , FACECARE , which will help in the alignment and color , restoring turgor and moisture .
I have a question about stretch marks. The first appeared in adolescence. Now I am 32 and those first ones have already become pigmented spots, but a great many new ones, of varying degrees of prescription, have appeared on all buttocks. Although I cannot say that there was a significant increase in weight (56 kg with height 170 weighed at 15 years old, the largest weight was 64 kg at 23 years old). Already 8 years old hesitate in the range of 58-62 kg. There were no pregnancies. Is it possible to do something with them or is this an absolutely irreversible process?
E If all with health, the new extensions will not be - this is the problem of immature skin. But very few methods that give a real effect to reduce stretch marks. You can try the radio wave lifting. I recommend several procedures with the use of modern preparations CELLU PRO , AMPELOSLIM, L-CARNITINE, CAFFEINE which will allow to get rid of stretch marks and internal scars.
About retinol I would like to hear from you. 
Retinol is a specific, very powerful cosmetic preparation. It is prescribed for the treatment of skin changes resulting from the abuse of the sun. Apply with age-related decrease in tone, expansion of pores, acne, acne. But there is a price for its effect. Preparations with retinol are contraindicated in sensitive and thin skin. Skin sensitivity to UV is greatly increased, in the form of pigmentation disorders. During pregnancy and feeding, all products containing retinol and its derivatives are excluded.
What do you think about collagen as a food additive, I mean Japanese dietary supplements?
Collagen as a dietary supplement, in my opinion, is not too effective precisely to improve skin condition. Some studies suggest that improvement is possible. If we talk about moisturizing and improving skin tone, the effect is insignificant even in the age group.  I recommend more effective and efficient mesotherapy treatments for collagen-containing and stimulating the production of your own collagen with FACELIFT SYSTEM 10 , REVITAL PEPTIDE , FACE SHINE and, of course,  PDRN-PRO + HA CUBE 3 
Could you advise care for the skin around the eyes? I am 32, The skin is thin dry and sensitive. Edema almost does not happen. After a stressful year, pronounced crow's feet appeared, with any facial expression, skin gathers under the eyes, adds years. Botox was enough for 3 months, I want another solution. 
The picture you described sounds like a description of skin dehydration. It is necessary to restore microcirculation in this zone. Night eye cream, I think, you would be useful. It is also important in such a situation to regularly use eye drops based on hyaluronic acid - they not only moisturize the mucous membrane and cornea, but also help restore the skin's moisture.  But a more pronounced effect will bring mesotherapy procedures with cocktails FACE SHINE , FACECARE or RE FOOLS VITAL PEPTIDE . I recommend using ICE MASK® masks during procedures and at home, which will increase the microcirculation of skinvessels with the help of thermodynamic effects.
Recently found demodex . It was treated and the analysis showed that there is no tick. But now I would like to put my skin in order and not cause demodex recurrence .Can you suggest care and what not to do?
The main thing is not to injure the skin: after treatment, you do not need to do mechanical dermabrasion or chemical peels. Requires mild care for sensitive skin, including cleansing and moisturizing, the use of prebiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients (aloe, blue and green algae, green tea). I recommend the use of an external means LUMINARY, created to protect, moisturize and nourish the skin for 1 month .
I am 34 years old and from the age of 30 I have been taking cortisone pills. With a height of 155 cm, I weigh 44 kg (previously 48 kg) and the skin, especially on the face, has become dry. A year ago, she canceled the long-term use of the contraceptive Yarina and it was then that I lost weight, and my skin somehow clearly changed. Tell me how to care and moisturize the skin with a history of cortisol?
It is necessary to use care products with lipids, fatty acids and good occlusion. Lecithin, vitamin E, almond oil, dimethicone and hyaluronic acid under cream, gel or concentrate. REBUILDING mesotherapeutic procedures with cocktails FACE SHINE , FACECARE or RE DUR VITAL PEPTIDE , ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA will be very useful . And for home use , LUMINARY external remedy , created to protect, moisturize and nourish the skin for 1 month .
If the age of 35, then read about 35-50 or you can still 25-35?
With a biological age of 35, the skin can be quite young and have good reserves, and it can already be quite depleted. If you do not have hypersensitivity of the skin, pigmentation disorders (the skin color is uniform, the skin is smooth), no wrinkles appear - you are in section 25-30.
How do you feel about mezoro ll eru at home?
Using a mezoroller at home is quite possible. Preparation does not cost much, but there is some nuance s, starting from preparation of the skin surface and the machine, completing forces second pressure roller and the direction in which you are going through their skin. You can on our website www . avelu . ru will familiarize with video materials on use of a mezoroller in those or other cases.
Really I need to in an about recovering from chemotherapy.
Skin repair after chemotherapy is mainly aimed at enhancing the healing process, moisturizing and soothing effect. Therefore, we exclude the use of any stimulants. The recommendations for the restoration of the skin include cocktails MELILOTO + RUTINE, FACE SHINE, FACECARE
Hardware techniques affecting the speed and depth of penetration of creme and serums are necessary after 35? Does it make sense to use them at home? And if yes, then what and how?  Is microdermabrasion harmful or not? Or do you need only acid peeling?
Hardware methods enhance the penetration of ingredients. But it is necessary to take into account the specifics of cosmetic preparations: for microcurrents and electrophoresis, electrical conductivity is needed, for ultrasound, a special gel is needed. In home versions, the devices often do not differ in efficiency due to low power or consumer limitations. Microdermabrasion and mechanical, and gas-liquid well refreshes the skin. The doctor prescribes the procedure with caution, as well as chemical peels, for individual reasons. Be sure to be accompanied by reducing and sedative cosmetic preparations. Add recommendations for effective renewal of the dermis cocktail ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA , containing a very rich complex of peptides, causing skin renewal, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis , producing own hyaluronic acid , restoring microcirculation, increasing moisture and enhancing skin turgor - that is all that is being done peels and dermabrasion , but faster, more efficient, safer and less painful.
Are the procedures on the Sharplight device dangerous and can you use it to tighten the drooping cheeks and the second chin? I am 35 years old, there is excess weight and I want to improve the shape of the face.
Sharplight technology is selective photothermolysis. Much depends on the phototype and skin condition. In my opinion, technologically, this is more a method aimed at the therapy of hyperpigmentation than at the global restoration of tone. At your age, I recommend relieving the face: active drainage procedures with AMPELOSLIM , use of LIPOLITICS LIPOBURN . From hardware methods microcurrent drainage with NATURAL REDUCING gives good results . This is not so actively advertised, the technology has long been known, the procedures are inexpensive, but actually speaking, in your case, it will produce more visible and stable results.
I don’t want to wait until 50 years to start applying progressive anti-age technology. What are the most effective techniques (including hardware and injection) that you recommend to combatting the first age changes in the age of 37-40 years old (wrinkles, loss of elasticity, change of the oval)?
If real age-related changes appear before the age of 40 - indeed, the elasticity of the skin decreases, wrinkles and creases appear, it is necessary to look for the cause. The most common causes are chronic diseases, persistent stress, undiagnosed anemia, skin dehydration due to kidney dysfunction or prolonged water deficiency. Therefore, you first need to pass a full examination. Nevertheless, taking into account the existing deficiency of bioresources of your skin, it would be effective to use procedures with restoring and stimulating PDRN-PRO + HA CUBE 3 , REGROWSET .
All prick! From Botox to plasma lifting! I do not want and fear! Is it really the only way out?
Injection correction helps to solve many problems with the help of different types of cosmetic preparations. The principle of injection is to compensate and stimulate: • volume is gone - preparations for filling and vitamins are introduced to stimulate the recovery of volumes; • excess body fat or sagging has appeared - lipolitics, fat burners and drainage preparations are introduced; • gloss disappeared, dryness, wrinkles appeared, elasticity decreased - revitalization is carried out by regeneration stimulants, nourishing and moisturizing preparations to restore skin turgor. With regard to plasma lifting, there is no objective understanding of its effectiveness. Many doctors believe that this type of stimulation does not give a pronounced and long-term effect. But there are a lot of non-injection skin care procedures. In particular, mesotherapy with mesoscaler. You can use the universal cocktail to increase the elasticity and hydration of the skin FACECARE, which reduces the dermis, smoothes wrinkles and folds, improves the structure and color of the skin, and has a desensitizing effect. It is possible to do with preparations for external application, like LUMINARY cocktail, containing Vitamin C, E, F, Jojoba oil, Bergamot oil, Silicon, Omega 6 linoleic acid, Omega 3. By creating a thin hygroscopic film, LUMINARY moisturizes and brightens, reduces redness and irritation of the skin , providing a long antioxidant effect, protects against the harmful effects of the environment. And the ultra light texture of the emulsion creates a feeling of comfort and is suitable for all skin types.
Tell me what features of skin care for face and body during pregnancy? What creams definitely work for the prevention of stretch marks or is it an individual moment and the predisposition plays a role in this difficult issue?
For the prevention of stretch marks is best to use dense, fat creams that work due to the texture. The risk factor is a young age. Stretch marks are peculiar s young and youthful skin. Asians stretch marks occur more often than Europeans. P After 30 years of stretch marks appear rarely. Principles of care during pregnancy: gentle cleansing, the transition to the line of care for sensitive skin, from the second trimester, it is desirable to add a vessel-strengthening cosmetic preparation. During pregnancy, the skin of the face becomes slightly more dense. In women older than 35-37 years, sebaceous excretion increases. Therefore, I recommend them to regularly carry out gentle peeling with enzymes and use moisturizing masks. Prevention of inflammation will Utilized of means on the basis of prebiotics. The skin of the body also requires care in soft without ethereal x w f l, menthol and and camphor s. But regular soft scrubs and peels will be useful. After giving birth, for mothers of your middle age, you can start using anti-cellulite products with natural extracts of Fucus, Centella Asiatica, red grape extract and grape vine extract, Meliloto extract (Donnic), horse chestnut, green tea, which strengthen the blood vessels. These include cosmetic preparations THE NATURAL REDUCING , CELLU THE PRO, AMPELOSLIM , MELILOTO + RUTINE, OF L-CARNITINE. For young mothers under 30 years of age, in order to prevent stretch marks, they use a dense, fatty, nourishing cream on the abdomen, upper part of the front surface of the thigh, buttocks for the night with a tight bandage.               
What are gravitational changes?
Gravitational changes are “sagging” of facial tissues associated with the effect of gravity on tissues. That is, the “erosion” of the facial contours: the omission of the corners of the mouth, the appearance of deep nasolabial folds, edema, swelling and eye puffiness. Correction is carried out with the help of tightening cosmetic preparations. These include  HYALURONIC ACID 2-3% in combination with SILANOL 1% or ready-made STRONGFIRM cocktails , FACELIFT SYSTEM 20 . In difficult cases, procedures are carried out with the help of mezoniths, the use of which already depends on the localization of the problem.
I am 40 years old. Hormonereplacement therapy is taking place. The shift is small +6. I'm running. So, the face falls. Apparently, gravity and general weakening due to age. What to do?  
Against the background of hormone replacement therapy, there are factors that can help reduce skin tone. In case of a lack of hemoglobin, a rapid decrease in skin tone occurs, which is practically not corrected by compensation methods. The whole third and thirdsuffer, where not only the skin, but also the muscles, and also the neck. The problems of hypertonicity and the muscles of the cervical region are solved with the help of physiotherapy. But the bottom Yu third of the face are restructuring with the help of braces procedures mesothreads . In addition, a PDRN-PRO + HA CUBE 3 recovery course is recommended  .
I live in Southeast Asia, it is clearthat here is the dominance of Asian brands. Now for what not to grab - all on glycerin. Glycerin is actively promoted and lauded. Still, it is alcohol, though in a different state, is it not harmful or is it just useless at 40? How do you feel about him?
Glycerin is a simple, safe and cheap moisturizing ingredient. It attracts and retains water. It can dry the skin when applied to its hygroscopicity. Glycerin is widely used in moisturizing and soothing preparations as a base, because it does not have a therapeutic effect. The simplest triatomic alcohol, it is absolutely harmless. On and Using the glycerin created great moisturizing cocktail  FACE SHINE, suitable for restoring dry skin, along with other components which gives moisturizing, relaxing facial muscles , anti-toxic action and strengthening of local immunity . However, for South-East Asia will approach moisturizing, restores and protects from the sun cocktails FACECARE, ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA, REVITAL PEPTIDE 1500, as well as lyophilisates ALESTEM, REGROWSET .
Can you please tell how you feel about the ZO skin care system from Zein Obaji?
For permanent use, the line is aggressive and suitable for the treatment of pigmentation. For people with sensitive skin and prone to rosacea, it makes sense to use meso-procedures with more gentle preparations ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA, ALESTEM, REGROWSET .
I would like to hear your opinion about face- building aged over 40 - good or so-so? Retinoids - so "yes" or “no”? How to tighten the shape of the face without surgery? And, also, about vitamins - what tests do you need to pass in order to understand what is missing, because the excess is also very harmful, or what?
Face building for the muscles of the face is useful if you are doing everything right. But the effect for the skin will be slow and low. Vitamin A derivatives are prescribed for good reasons for a long period. In addition to sun protection, it is necessary to use anti-inflammatory and soothing cosmetic preparations, since not all people tolerate retinoids well. Oval face correction occurs in different ways: with the help of lipolitics, fillers, mesoniths or plastic surgery. Good results on the restoration of tone gives fraksilirovannogo laser exposure and radio wave liftings, provided the correct appointment and performance. Depending on manifestations we recommends the combination lipolitics for non-surgical recovery oval ( LIPOCUT, PHOSFATIDYLCHOLINE, CAFFEINE , ARTICHOKE EXTRACT ) and diuretics ( AMPELOSLIM , LIPOBURN , NATURAL REDUCING ) necessarily vessel strengthening  MELILOTO + RUTINE and firming the collagen matrix of the dermis biological silicon SILANOL 1% .   To determine the deficiencies of vitamin ov, doctors prescribe advanced blood tests. However, there are also hemoscanning methods that detect vitamin deficiency. In addition to vitamins, the sufficiency of micro and macro elements, like K, Mg , Fe , Ca , Cu , Zn , is necessarily revealed . Increasing the content of vitamins with food will strengthen the body's immunity. But the solution of local problems of hypovitaminosis - dryness, flaking, flabbiness, etc. , we recommend solving with the help of rich cocktails FACELIFT SYSTEM 20 , ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA , ALESTEM, REGROWSET .
The problem is that the pores are very wide (43 years), but the skin is clean and there are no rashes. What advice would you give regarding the use of cleansing machines that supposedly tighten pores, clean the skin 6 times better than regular washing and have an anti-aging effect?
At the age of 35-40 years, the expansion of pores indicates a decrease in the tone of the surface layers of the skin , and not an increased function of the sebaceous glands . Therefore, it is advisable to apply intensive stimulation of regeneration by mesotherapeutic methods using cocktails. ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA or lyophilizate REGROWSET .  Certainly, FACELIFT SYSTEM 20 , PDRN-PRO + HA CUBE 3 , HYALURONIC ACID 2 will be suitable for moisturizing and stimulating the skin - 3% , professional procedures aimed at improving skin tone, laser therapy, possibly mild radio wave lifting.
How to effectively remove the dilated vessels on the face and body? I have couperose since childhood. I tried the laser, but the desired effect was not.
Today, various methods and techniques are used for the treatment of Cuperosis, including phototherapy, laser treatment, ozone therapy, and chemical peels. But the problem lies in the weakness of the connective tissue. Therefore, it is necessary to direct efforts to strengthen the connective tissue, in particular, the walls of blood vessels, to stimulate angiogenesis to improve tissue trophism. To do this, it is necessary to use the mesotherapy procedures with MELILOTO + RUTINE , ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA , ALESTEM cocktails with a serious exchange RATE METHOD . Restoration of the connective tissue tone not only contributes to the disappearance of capillary stars, but also improves skin tone.
Is care possible at home? There is no special opportunity to buy many funds. Simply put ... do it yourself masks.
From homemade recipes you can make simple masks: Oatmeal peeling. With the grind oatmeal using a coffee grinder, then pour into thick cream to the consistency of watery porridge. Do not cook! Stir, apply on face, massage a little, rinse with warm water. The skin will be smoother and more well-groomed. Tonic from green tea. Make green tea 2 times stronger than usual. It must be bitter and dark. Rinse your face with a solution or apply with a cotton swab after washing with water, wipe with a dry, clean cloth . Store tea in the fridge e. And every 3-4 days brew a new one. For good home care for a month, I would recommend the emulsion LUMINARY , given its good formulas have and soft textures at .
Can chemical sunscreens be used during rosacea? Are there any chemical filters that should be avoided especially?
When rosacea must be protected not only from ultraviolet rays, but also banal overheating and excessive cooling. For external protection in sunny weather suitable creams containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. However, rosacea skin care implies protection, hydration and renewal with an emphasis on blood vessels. Active ingredients: licorice, Centella Asiatic, red grapes, vineyard , horse chestnut . Injecting and traumatic hardware procedures are contraindicated. Therefore, I recommend using the preparations NATURAL REDUCING , MELILOTO + RUTINE ,HYALURONIC ACID 3 % , for hardware use with microcurrent stimulating therapy.  Be sure to include prebiotics in skin care and diet. It is useful to use creams based on the medicinal substance Brimonidine.
Is it possible to sunbathe after peeling with calcium chloride?
After any peeling you should not sunbathe at all, because the skin becomes extremely sensitive to the negatives of ultraviolet radiation. Use the LUMINARY protection to shorten the three-week facial recovery period.
I am 58 years old. Climax passed without hormones. I have very dry skin on my face and body — just parchment. Creams, of course, relieve skin tightness, but this is all temporary. Nutrition is correct, water, however, I drink no more than 1.5 liters per day. Maybe you need some cosmetic preparations? What can you advise me?  
Adding water is best done while observing the therapist who is treating you. However, make a diet to have enough fat: not less than 30 grams of fat per day. Add products that contain beneficial omega-fatty acids: avocado, fatty fish (salmon, salmon, halibut), cod liver. Ask to direct you to check for changes in the thyroid gland, the level of serum iron and hemoglobin, and possibly vitamin D (vitamin A deficiency often causes dry skin). For fast skin recovery, I recommend a course of procedures with regenerative stimulating and nourishing cocktails ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA, REVITAL PEPTID, ALESTEM, REGROWSET. And nourishing and protecting cosmetic preparation LUMINARY.
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