¿Qué es la revitalización?

REVITALIZATION (from Latin. Re ... - renewal and vita - life, literally: return of life) - a concept used in scientific and practical activities (medicine, cosmetology, architecture, technology, economics, culture, linguistics, etc.), which characterizes the recovery processes , revitalizing, recreating, as taught by the Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia. The Cambridge Dictionary also adds the meaning of the term “rebirth”.

That is, revitalization is the return of vital functions, the revival of the skin.

Everyone has known since long time ago that the skin is a separate human organ that has its own blood supply system, a neural network. Even its own immune system is inherent part of it. The skin is constantly in the process of regeneration and renewal. Moreover, it is inherent in the function of true regeneration, that is, the restoration of certain lost tissues. At the same time, it withstands temperature drops up to 80 degrees Celsius, UV radiation, local pressure up to 8 bar!

But at the same time, this unique body needs constant care. And this care is often expressed in non-surgical and widely used methods of dealing with aging and various skin problems in aesthetic medicine. Of course, the restoration of vitality - a necessary condition for maintaining the skin in a healthy state. This means that the revitalization process, as it is indicated above, is vital for the skin. And the more negative factors affect the skin, including life in polluted big cities that increase age-related destructive changes, the greater the need for skin revitalization.

The Internet says that “revitalization is an injection therapy with hyaluronic acid. Is it so? Recall the structure of the skin, including the extracellular space. The skeleton of cells is created by elastin and collagen fibers. These are heavy “ropes” in the figure above. And the transport function of nutrients and the elimination of waste is mainly provided by hyaluronic acid. Those are the "blue vines and clusters" in the diagram of our drawing.

The violation of tissue trophism, which is expressed in “skin tarnishing”, a turgor decrease, the appearance of a wrinkle grid, largely depends on the lack of hyaluronic acid in the intercellular space of the skin. And at the same time, the body zealously maintains hyaluronic acid homeostasis. Therefore, the use of hyaluronic acid, for example, the Revitalization cocktail of Veluderm ™ Hyaluronic Acid CUBE 3®, is helpful for improving the trophism and metabolism of skin structures. But, not forgetting the hyaluronic acid homeostasis, it is necessary to understand that the organism, with constant recharge, becomes completely dependent on the introduction of this mucopolysaccharide from outside.

What to do in such a situation, how to break this vicious circle? Let's go back to the cellular structures. Responsible to produce hyaluronic acid are fibroblasts in the basal layer of the skin. Hence, it is necessary to stimulate their activity, motivating the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, collagens, and so on. And here you can’t do without the use of bio stimulants. The most effective are signal peptides.

Here, as it is impossible by the way, the Veluderm Cocktail ACTIVE PEPTIDES + HA, containing more than 15 synthetic peptides, hyaluronic acid and 5 essential amino acids, will do. This Cocktail not only stimulates metabolism, but also angiogenesis and restoration of nerve endings, promotes tissue hydration. The result is the alignment of wrinkles and folds, an increased turgor, a deep hydration. At the same time, it prevents photo-aging, corrects fine wrinkles & lines, reduces flabbiness and skin atrophy. It’s recommended also for rosacea treatment and stressful skin after physical, chemical and electromagnetic situations.

But sometimes stimulation alone is not enough. There are situations that the body is too damaged, and urgent and more powerful measures are needed, rather than just stimulating the metabolism of fibroblasts. In that cases is used a booster realization. These are active preparations that contain not synthetic, but native, that is, natural active components, such as germ factors. Sources of such specific substances can only be living tissue, including postnatal human tissue, human mesenchymal stem cells.

For moderate skin revitalization procedures, use the Veluderm ™ FACECARE cocktail. The composition of this product includes Hyaluronic Acid 1%, DMAE 3%, Argirelin, Leufazil, Glutathione, Vitamins C, E, as well as bioactive Zinc, Cobalt, Magnesium, Lithium.

FACECARE Veluderm ™ has a stimulating effect on the synthesis of collagen and its own hyaluronic acid production, stimulation of micro vessels and nerve endings. Its use provides tissue hydration, it fills the intercellular space with hyaluronic acid transported and the collagen matrix. This product helps to smooth wrinkles and folds due to hydration of the dermis and relaxation of the facial muscles and provides a bright lifting effect.

Similar properties of revitalization, but with a pronounced lifting effect, are obtained by the cocktails FACELIFT SYSTEM 10 and FACELIFT SYSTEM 20 of Veluderm ™. They contain Hyaluronic Acid CUBE 3 (patented formula) from 1 to 2%, Collagen 3%, DMAE 7%, Argirelin, Leufazil, Vitamins B l, B6, Si and antioxidant Mannitol.

Both products are used for skin revitalization and lifting with gravitational ptosis of tissues, age folds and wrinkles, manifestations of lethargy and dry skin, as well as after insolation (sunburn), depression of the dermis after acute and chronic internal diseases, operations, stress.

FACELIFT SYSTEM 10 and FACELIFT SYSTEM 20 have a tightening sublimation of the dermis in the form of a total lifting effect, an increase in the volume of the dermis due to collagen reinforcement with peptides, whitening and correction of photo damage, powerful moisturizing. However, the drugs have an antitoxic effect, increased local immunity, relaxation of the facial muscles in the projection of the introduction of the cocktail.

Thus, Veluderm ™ preparations expressly promote skin revitalization, including an increase in turgor, the return of natural color and elasticity. They help to recover skin vital functions, both the protection of the body, as well as the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, the regeneration of the first type in damaged areas, and its revival and repair in general.

Conclusion, it can be argued that Veluderm ™ products contribute to REVITALIZATION.

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